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  • Licensed Physical Therapist at Saugus Physical Therapy since 2006

Michael Rubino has been treating Saugus patients with the most hands on therapy in the area since 2006. Specializing in hands on stretching, massage & manual therapy techniques, he knows you want a therapist to fix you not just watch you exercise in the corner. He is active in basketball, soccer, hiking, running, bowling and weight lifting so he understands how injuries can limit the things you love to do in addition to your daily tasks & work. 

Our philosophy is based on reducing pain & regaining flexibility first, which leads to normal body mechanics & then strengthening to maintain your recovery long term. 


Harvard University Health Services Outpatient Orthopedics

Yale New Haven Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit

  • M.P.T. (Master Of Physical Therapy)- Quinnipiac University. 



  • Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant at Saugus Physical Therapy Since 2018

Cathy is a hands on expert with many degrees. She is well versed in multiple techniques & tools to get your body back to maximum functioning!  Cathy will address the whole body and lifestyle topics like Fitness routines, Diet, Safety and Work tasks.  She is an avid martial artist and loves Harley motorcycles

  • Multiple Medical Degrees

Graduated 1996 from North Shore Community College (PTA)

Graduated 1999 from New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts (Massage)

Graduated 2017 from Boston University (Psychology)

Certified in Craniosacral Therapy

Specializes in Pregnancy Massage


  • Licensed Physical Therapy Assistant

Jess Tries returns to our clinic experienced in our hands on focused treatment. She has a certification in fitness training which will help in you reaching higher athletic goals. Jess is also experienced with the lower functioning elderly populations with her home care job history. 

  • Associates (Physical Therapy Assistant)

Graduated 2015 from North Shore Community College (PTA)

Certified Fitness Instructor

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